Tesla Solar Panel Price List In India 2022


Solar by Tesla is a California-based solar panel manufacturer, energy storage provider, and American carmaker founded by Elon Musk. The “SolarCity” division of the corporation, which was created in 2003, specializes in the production of electric as well as solar-powered vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, energy storage, and solar panels for homes. Tesla is sometimes misunderstood as a producer of solely electric vehicles, although the company also produces and sells solar panels, solar tiles, and solar-powered automobiles. Tesla’s solar panel division is rather sizable. Tesla’s solar panels are among the best on the market, and they’re also quite reasonably priced. We will take a closer look at tesla solar panel price in India.

Tesla Solar Panel

Part of the Tesla family of businesses, Solar City is an industry leader in solar panel production. By harnessing the sun’s rays, you may generate electricity at your home without having to rely on the utility company. Solar panels are used to convert sunlight into power. Solar panels may be installed to provide electricity for homes and businesses. This power may be used later with the aid of a solar converter, or it can be stored in a solar battery to be used later. We will check out tesla solar panel price per watt soon.

The fact that Tesla solar panels don’t have any obvious mounting gear or structure is one of its best features. The solar inverter and solar battery are also linked to the solar panels. Such solar panels have a minimum 12-year warranty on the manufacturing process, and a minimum 25-year warranty on the energy they generate.

Tesla Solar Roofs/Tiles

The solar cell is integrated into the tile itself, a Tesla invention. The term “Solar Shingles” is another name for solar tiles. Solar roofs and tiles from Tesla are a kind of integrated solar product that may be used in place of solar panels. Compared to other forms of solar technology, those tiles are the most streamlined, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing we have encountered.

The solar tiles on a roof would provide protection from the elements and also harness the sun’s energy for use inside the home. If you want to produce power but don’t want to put solar panels on your roof, Tesla solar roof tiles are your best option. As far as we can tell, the price of a Tesla solar tile is just slightly more than the price of a solar panel installation. Nonetheless, there is little doubt that solar tiles generate electricity more efficiently than conventional solar panels.

Types of Tesla PV Tiles

Tesla solar is the first company to create and produce solar tiles of all shapes and sizes. Tesla solar tiles come in the following four varieties.

Tuscan Glass Tile

For the most part, this is the first solar tile design. As the name implies, European-style houses are the most common setting for these solar tiles. These solar tiles for roofs have a classic look that recalls the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.

Slate Glass Tile

Solar tile number two looks like this. The most sought-after and widely used solar tile material is slate glass. Solar tiles provided your roof the appearance of having been made with care. Reproducing these tiles as well as converting it into solar tiles is a major task for Tesla solar.

Textured Glass Tile

As the third kind of solar tile, this one is rather unique. Using textured glass solar tiles, you may make your contemporary roof seem more like a classic one. There was an era whenever those tiles were widely used and favoured. However, a new kind of solar tile has just been developed. To this day, though, those tiles remain the top pick in many locations.

Smooth Glass Tile

Solar tiles have come a long way, and here is the newest version. Not even if we add that these tiles were made to give your house a cutting-edge appearance. The simple, clear lines of these tiles make them ideal for today’s modern interiors.

Tesla Solar Panel Price List In India

According to Tesla, the typical cost of solar roof tiles is somewhere around $ 22 which is exactly $21.85 per square foot. This cost is estimated for a roof with solar tiles comprising 35% of the total. The following are the ensuing pricing for solar roof tiles.

Solar Roofing AreaSelling Price (INR)Selling Price (USD)
500 Sq. Ft. AreaRs. 8,25,000$11,000
1000 Sq. Ft. AreaRs. 16,50,000$22,000
2000 Sq. Ft. AreaRs. 33,00,000$44,000
3000 Sq. Ft. AreaRs. 49,50,000$66,000
4000 Sq. Ft. AreaRs. 66,00,000$88,000
5000 Sq. Ft. AreaRs. 82,50,000$1,10,000
10,000 Sq. Ft. AreaRs. 1,65,00,000$2,20,000

Tesla Power Car

Tesla Motors is a cutting-edge automaker that produces solar-powered cars, hybrids, and electric cars driven by batteries. The primary distinction between a conventional vehicle and a solar-powered vehicle is the source of energy used to drive the vehicle. Solar vehicles, such as solar-powered houses, convert solar radiation into electricity for propulsion, whereas conventional automobiles use fossil fuels.

The combination of solar panels with Tesla electric cars is the first stage in Tesla’s ambition for comprehensive clean energy integration, which will reduce carbon emissions immediately. The firm stays true to its objective by expanding its product line to include more reasonably priced electric and solar vehicles.

Top Solar Brands in India

Kenbrook Solar is a top solar supplier, stocking a wide variety of solar items including solar panels, batteries, inverters, systems, heaters, air conditioners, lighting, as well as pumps. The likes of Tata Solar, Usha Solar, Luminous Solar, Sukam Solar, Havells Solar, Microtek Solar, Exide Solar, Waaree Solar, Vikram Solar, Jakson Solar, Lubi Solar, as well as Delta Solar Inverter are just some of the well-known solar companies whose goods we carry.

Specifications of Tesla Solar Panel

ModelPower OutputEfficiencyProduct Warranty25-Year Performance Warranty
Tesla T395H395 W20.1%25 years86%
Tesla T400H400 W20.4%25 years86%
Tesla T405H405 W20.6%25 years86%
Tesla T420S420 W19.3%25 years85%
Tesla T425S425 W19.3%25 years85%
Tesla T430S430 W19.8%25 years85%

Performance of Tesla Solar Panels

Each of Tesla’s 72-cell commercial panels produces roughly 400 watts of power. As compared to other Tier 1 solar panel companies, Tesla’s panels have average technical features including module efficiency and temperature coefficient. While SunPower’s solar panels have a maximum efficiency of 22.8%, market leaders like Tesla’s are closer to 21%.

Warranties of Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla provides three separate guarantees. The solar panel has a 25-year guarantee on parts and labor, which is on par with the industry standard for high-quality solar panels. The following is a description of Tesla’s performance guarantee: a 25-year warranty with a maximum yearly deterioration of 0.54%. Lastly, the solar inverter, Powerwall (if purchased separately), as well as the rest of the system are all covered by a 10-year guarantee. Inverters as well as solar batteries often come with a 10-year guarantee, but it’s more convenient to have everything covered by the same firm.

Aesthetics of Tesla Solar Panels

The sleek design of a Tesla solar panel system is a major selling point. Skirting is often used in solar systems so that the mounting gear for the solar panels is concealed from the ground. The panels used by Tesla are similarly black in colour to offer the best aesthetics.

Why are Tesla Solar Panels Sourced from Third Parties?

There are a few reasons why Tesla employs panels made by other companies. SolarCity has always marketed solar panels from third-party manufacturers alongside its solar systems, and this policy has been maintained throughout the company’s partnership with Tesla. Tesla would profit from not disclosing the solar panel brand since it is in its interest to quote the lowest-cost solar panel to clients. Before Tesla and Panasonic parted ways, the solar panels may have been called “Tesla brand” solar panels because of the two companies’ previous collaboration. However, it was still common practice to buy solar panels from third-party manufacturers like Qcells.

As of now, it seems that the majority of Tesla’s home installations are utilizing Qcells-supplied Tesla-branded solar panels. You should always ask for the model and specification sheets of the solar panels that will be used when purchasing a solar panel system. It will allow you to examine the solar panels with the industry’s best products side by side.

How Much Do Tesla Solar Panels Cost?

Based on the optimal system size for your house, Tesla solar panels might cost anywhere from $9,600 to $49,352 just before rebates.

System SizeCost Before Incentives
4.08 kW$9600 – $12,048
9.60 kW$19,200 – $24,096
14.40 kW$28,800 – $36,144
19.20 kW$38,400 – $48,192

Every Tesla Powerwall would charge you an extra $11,500 before rebates if you want to include it into your system for storing energy. Solar incentives, although not a guarantee of cost savings, may make a big dent in the bottom line. In reality, all taxpayers may take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit, as well as so many states as well as utilities provide even more rebates and incentives.

The Bottomline

Fans of the electric car manufacturer will find Tesla solar panels to be an excellent option, as they pair well with the Tesla Powerwall home battery for a truly sustainable dwelling. As long as you are familiar with Tesla’s solar panel warranty, you should feel safe believing a Tesla quotation even if Tesla does not create all of the solar panels. Tesla guarantees at least 85% of nameplate power capacity after 25 years and craftsmanship for 10 years. However, in terms of panel efficiency, Tesla solar panels are not the finest choice on the market. If you want to buy solar panels based on efficiency, Solar Reviews suggests the following manufacturers. Utilise the solar calculator to acquire many quotations from different companies before settling on a provider and making solar panels. Once you’ve done the research and found the best deal, you may take full advantage of Tesla’s price-matching option. We have already mentioned about tesla home solar panel price.


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