Best 350 Watt Solar Panel In India | Benefits, Types, Price, And More.

The primary thing which must be considered while comparing the solar panel is the solar power rating or the wattage. A 350 watt solar panel is a great option for various types of solar products. Most of the solar panels which are installed at the homes or commercial buildings are varies from 250 to 300 watts per solar panel. The efficiency of a 350 Watt solar panel makes it a great choice for off-grid applications like camping, backup power, and remote villages. If you want to generate a clean source of energy at your home then a 350 watt solar panel is the right choice for you.

When the solar power hits the solar panel then it captures the energy and then turns into electricity which is used for various purposes. If you have a solar battery along with these panels then it will also be beneficial for you as the excess amount of the energy which is produced by them is stored in the solar battery. The 350 watt solar panels are very durable and you have only cleaned them once every year to protect them from the dust so that they can extract as much solar energy as possible. So installing the solar panel is only a one-time investment.

So before buying the solar panel it is very crucial to know what is 300 watt solar panel, its benefits, types, pricing, and more. In this article, you will get a clear idea about the best 300 watt solar panels in India.

What Is A 350 Watt Solar Panel?

350 Watt Solar Panel
350 Watt Solar Panel

The 350 watt solar panel is the most popular solar panel in India which can work even in low light and cloudy weather. The 350 watt solar panel is very effective and they are made of 72 solar cells which provide upto 22% total efficiency, on the basis of the types of the solar panel. This solar panel has a long shelf life of 25 years performance warranty. These solar panels are ideal for running several solar products

How Does 350 Watt Solar Panel Works?

When the sunlight falls on the surface of a 350 watt solar panel then this solar panel extracts sufficient solar radiation. The solar panel allows some electrons to flow. This flow of electrons in a certain direction helps to create DC energy during the day. The series and the paralleled attachment make sure that you can get the maximum current with the desired voltage.

If you have the solar charge controller with it then it helps maximize the power and then transfer the power which helps to convert DC power to the usable AC power by the solar inverter. And if you also have a solar battery with it then the excess amount of the solar energy produced by the solar panel will save for future use. 

Benefits Of 350 Watt Solar Panel Kit

A 350 watt solar panel is a large solar panel that can be used to generate electricity from the sun. These panels are typically used to power large items like homes or businesses. There are many reasons why you should install a solar panel at your home. These are the list of reason which help you to make a decision about it.

  1. A 350 watt solar panel kit is a great investment for people who want to generate their electricity without fossil fuel.
  2. This type of solar panel kit is perfect for people who want to reduce their electricity bills. 
  3. By installing a 350 watt solar panel kit, you don’t have to think about the maintenance cost as you only have to clean them once every month to make them dust-free so that they can provide sufficient electricity.
  4. Through this solar panel, you can able to produce clean renewable energy which makes the environment clean and pollution-free.

Types Of 350 Watt Solar Panel 12 Volt

The 350 solar panels can be divided into three types that are present in the Indian market. This categorization is based on their style, features, efficiency, etc. Each of them is different from one another and these are: 

Polycrystalline 350 Watt Solar Panel

Polycrystalline 350 Watt Solar Panel
Polycrystalline 350 Watt Solar Panel

A polycrystalline or multi-crystalline solar panel consists of various crystals of silicon in a single PV cell. These several fragments of the silicon fibers are molted together to produce the silicon wafers of the polycrystalline solar panel. The surface of these solar panels looks like a mosaic. As there are multiple silicon crystals available so that’s why do they allow very little movement of the electron inside them.

Monocrystalline 350 Watt Solar Panel

Monocrystalline 350 Watt Solar Panel
Monocrystalline 350 Watt Solar Panel

The monocrystalline solar panel is a device that is made up of pure silicon. To maximize the efficiency better the solar panels are cut by the circular wafers to octagonal-shaped wafers. These cells have a unique look because of their octagonal look. These are very effective than the polycrystalline solar panel but they are very expensive.

Bifacial 350 Watt Solar Panel

Bifacial 350 Watt Solar Panel
Bifacial 350 Watt Solar Panel

The bifacial 350 watt solar panels are the latest invention and also the most expensive solar panel in the Indian market. This device can able to generate electricity on both sides of the solar panel so it is very effective than the other solar panels.

350 Watt Solar Panel Specifications

Solar System Capacity350 Watt
Solar Panel160 Watt
No. of Module2 Nos.
Type of Solar PanelPolycrystalline
Panel Voltage12V
EfficiencyUp to 17%
Warranty25 Years
Solar Inverter1100VA
Inverter TypeOff-Grid Solar Inverter
Maximum DC Input1100VA
Warranty5 Years
Solar Battery1 Nos.
TechnologyTall Tubular Solar Battery
Battery TypeC10
Warranty5 Years
Other AccessoriesJunction Box, AC & DC Cable, Fasteners, Cable Tie, Crimping Tool, Earthing Kit, Lighting Arrestor

350 Watt Solar Panel Price In India With Subsidy

As solar panels are evolving day by day and their pricing are decreasing exceptionally in past few years. So the demands are also rising day by day. The price of solar energy depends on the capasity, brand, technology, etc. In India, the average price of the solar panel per watt is Rs.22 – Rs.28. The 350 watt solar panel price varies from Rs.10,000 to Rs.16,000 in India. 

Solar BrandPrice/WattSelling Price
Vikram Solar 350 watt panelRs.22.86Rs.8,000
Patanjali Solar 350 watt panelRs.24.85Rs.8,700
Luminous Solar 350 watt panelRs.28.00Rs.9,800
Havells Solar 350 watt panelRs.30.00Rs.10,500
Tata Solar 350 watt panelRs.32.86Rs.11,500

Subsidy: Solar energy is decreasing the requirement of fossil fuel in India. The people are still confused about whether to install it or not as it is very expensive. To make the environment pollution-free and also to support the people financially the government of India come up with the scheme of the solar subsidy which is done with the MNRE of India. 

The schemes are valid for: 

  1. 40% for upto 3kW solar system
  2. 20% for above 3kW to 10 kW solar system
  3. 70% subsidy in the hill station

How many 350Watt Solar Panels Do You Need?

The amount of 350 watt solar panels you need to install at your home is based on the amount of electricity you want to generate from them. 350 watt solar panel produces power according to several factors including the orientation of the solar panel, geographical location, and shading. 

System CapacityAverage Monthly GenerationNo. of 350W Panels
1kW Solar System120 units3
2kW Solar System240 units6
3kW Solar System360 units9
5kW Solar System600 units14
7.5kW Solar System900 units21
10kW Solar System1,200 units29

Conclusion On The Best 300 Watt Solar Panel In India

 The 350 watt solar panel is easy to install, it has minimum maintenance and energy savings, a high-efficiency rate, and a long lifespan. The 350 watt solar panel has many advantages such as it consumes less power than other brands, does not get affected by clouds or rain, it can work even in low light and cloudy weather, the cost of installation is minimal and the efficiency rate of this product is very high.

This solar system can roughly able to generate 3000 Kilowatt energy. And these solar panels do not need much space to install so it also helps in saving space. With this solar system, you will not only be able to produce clean energy but also save to save a lot of money by saving electricity bills. The maintenance cost is not so much and also has a long warranty period like 25 years. So if you want to install the solar panel at your home then keep in mind to compare the brand on the basis of price, warranty, features, etc.

Finally, I hope this article helps you a lot while purchasing the best solar panel in India. But if you still have any queries about 300 watt solar panels or if you have 300 watt solar panels at home. Feel free to mention that in the comment section below. We are happy to know that. 

Important Question On Best 350 Watt Solar Panel In India

1. What is the best price for a 350-watt solar panel in India?

The best price of 350 watt solar panel in India from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 11000.

2. Which is the best 350-watt panel – poly or mono?

Both the solar panels are good but monocrystalline is better than that of the polycrystalline solar panel in terms of efficiency.

3. What are the size, height, and weight of the 350 watt solar panel?

The size, height, and the weight of 350 watt solar panel is 22 Kg, and dimensions: Height – 6.4 feet, Width – 3.2 feet.

4. For 1 kW load how many 350 w panels and batteries are required?

3 Solar panels of 350 watts and 2 solar batteries are needed for a 1 kW load.

5. How many panels do I need for a 2kw 24v inverter?

For a 2kW 24 Volt inverter, you will need 6 panels of 350 watt solar panel

6. How many panels need to run 1 fridge, 4 fans, 4 led tubes, and 2 led bulbs?

Minimum 3 panels of 350 watt solar panel are needed to run 1 fridge, 4 fans, 4 led tube, and 2 led bulbs