Best 150 Watt To 200 Watt Solar Panel In India | Everything You Need To Know

If you want to install solar panels on your roof and are looking for a high-performance panel, then consider the 150 Watt to 200 Watt solar panel. This is one of the best panels that can fit into most houses. Most houses are preferred to install the solar panel with a capacity of 150 to 200-watt solar panels. Solar panels are used for various purposes for houses.

The solar panels with the capasity of 150 to 200-watt solar panels are the primary component that is beneficial to give power to the entire home as well as the commercial building. The solar panels are ranked on the basis of the solar energy they produce which means that the higher the wattage ranking the greater amount of power the solar system will generate. The solar panels first trap the solar energy from the sun and then converts the solar energy into the Direct current or the DC energy and then it flows to the circuits and after that, it circulates to the various devices of the homes.

If you have no idea about the price range or the types of solar panels. Then this is the right platform where you can able to know each and every detail of the 150 to 200 watt solar system that you need to know. So let’s start out the article with a basic introduction.

What Is A 150 Watt Solar Panel?

150 Watt Solar Panel
150 Watt Solar Panel

The 150 watt solar panel is ideal for medium-sized solar panels. It provides 8 Amps power on average. It is a very efficient model which can able to control 12 V appliances and thus it helps in running the applications like solar home lighting, small solar inverter, solar water pump, off-grid applications, navigation lights, traffic signals, and signals. This solar system is so efficient that it can even work in harsh weather. In order to install a 150 watt solar panel, you will be needing 11 sq. feet shadowed free area. 

150 Watt Solar Panel Technical Information:

Technical SpecificationDescription
Max. Power Pmp(W)150W
Power Tolerance(+/-)5%
Max. Power Voltage Vmp (V)18.25
Max. Power Current Imp (A)8.22
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V)22.5
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)8.85
Max. System Voltage VDC1000/600
Pm Temperature Coefficient(%/K)-0.4
Isc Temperature Coefficient4.7
Voc Temperature Coefficient-2
NOCT-Nominal operating cell temp. (Celsius)45

What Is A 160 Watt Solar Panel?

160 Watt Solar Panel
160 Watt Solar Panel

The 160 Watt solar panel is a very high-range device. The 160 watts solar panel can provide 8.5 amps of energy per day. This type of solar system can even work in low sunlight. 

160 Watt Solar Panel Technical Information:

Electrical SpecificationDescription
Power Max (Pm)160 +/- 5%
Short Circuit Current (ISC)9.45 A
Max Power Current (Imp)9.05 A
Maximum Voltage (Vmp)17.70 V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)21.40 V
Maximum System Voltage1000 VDC
Mechanical Specification
TypeMonocrystalline Panel
No of Cells in Series36
Frame TypeAluminum
Weight13.00 Kg
Y-Axis Mounting Hole503 mm
X-Axis Mounting Hole970 mm
Mounting Hole Dimension6.9 mm

What Is A 200 Watt Solar Panel?

200 Watt Solar Panel
200 Watt Solar Panel

The 200 watt solar panel is a very high systematic solar panel and it is perfect for medium and large buildings. This solar panel is designed with the PID or the Potential-Induction Degradation resistance technology. These solar panels can connect with a single battery with the solar inverter. The solar panels have 72 cells that are fixed in the grid and this whole solar panel is covered by tempered glass. This solar system is best for the off-grid solar system, solar home lighting system, solar street light, offshore platforms, etc.

200 Watt Solar Panel Technical Information:

Power Max (Pm)200 +/- 5%
Short Circuit Current (ISC)6.10 A
Max Power Current (Imp)5.70 A
Maximum Voltage (Vmp)35.20 V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)44.40 V
Maximum System Voltage1000 VDC
Mechanical Specification
TypeMonocrystalline Panel
No of Cells in Series72
Frame TypeAluminum
Weight20.30 Kg
Y-Axis Mounting Hole819.5mm
X-Axis Mounting Hole946 mm
Mounting Hole Dimension6.9 mm

How Does A 150 Watt To 200 Watt Panel Work?

How Does A 150 Watt To 200 Watt Panel Work?
How Does A 150 Watt To 200 Watt Panel Work?

The solar panels employ by making free the electrons when the solar energy falls on the solar panels and these electrons become free to move and then under certain conditions to the solar panel, they start moving in one direction. These flows of the electrons in one direction make them generate the direct current. Then DC currents flow to the solar inverters then it converts the DC energy into the AC or the alternative energy. The rest of the unused energy is stored in the solar battery. 

Benefits Of 150 Watt To 200 Watt Solar Panel For Home

There are various ways that solar panels are beneficial for the home as well as commercial purposes. Have a look at some of them:

  1. Reduces Carbon Footprint: The solar panels can able to generate electricity with the help of solar power. They create less amount of pollution than any other source of energy. 
  2. Support From The Government: In order to motivate the people of India in order to install solar panels as much as possible the government of India offers subsidies for the solar system. This helps to reduce the initial installation cost of the solar system.
  3. Low Maintainance Cost: The prime factor of the solar panels is that they do not need much maintenance only you have to clean them once every month so that they can able to absorb the solar energy as much as possible. 
  4. It Does Not Need Any Additional Space For Installation: One of the main important benefits of the solar panel is that it does not need any extra area to be installed it can easily be installed on the rooftop. 

Price Of The 150 Watt To 200 Watt Solar Panel

The price of the solar panels is varied from different factors like the brand, type, variant, and also the power capasity of the solar panel. Now let’s see the different pricing of the solar system in the Indian market. 

  1. Price of 150 watt solar panel: Rs.11,000
  2. Price of 160 watt solar panel: Rs. 7,360
  3. Price of 200 watt solar panel: Rs. 13,200

Final Takeaway On The Best 150 Watt To 200 Watt Solar Panel In India

There are many advantages of 150 watts to 200 watt solar panels. It’s powerful enough to meet your energy needs and its performance is comparable with that of the more expensive panels available in the market. It also comes with a 30-year warranty that guarantees maximum reliability and performance. Its efficiency is up to 13% compared to 9% of other panels, which makes it an ideal choice for those who want to save money by reducing their energy bills.

Also, you do not have to worry about the maintenance cost only you have to make them dust-free so that they can able to capture solar energy easily. If the solar panels have a solar battery then it also helps in storing the excess energy which is further used in various ways. This solar system also does not need much space to install as it can be installed at the top of the roof. As the solar panels are run by renewable energy which is solar energy and thus it does not emit any harmful substance to the environment which makes the environment safe and clean.

There are many solar companies that manufacture great solar panels with some great features and warranties. So compare the solar panels before purchasing one as this is only a one-time investment for you.

Thank you for reading my article. If we have missed any part or if you have any suggestions regarding the topic then do let us know in the comment section below. We will happy to know that.

FAQ On Best 150 Watt To 200 Watt Solar Panel In India

1. How many amps does a 150 watt solar panel produce?

150 watt solar panel can able to generate 12.5 amps per day.

2. How much power does a 160 watt solar panel can produce?

The 160 watt solar panel can able to generate 13.33 amps/day.

3. How much area is required to install a 200 watt solar panel?

Approximately  4 square feet unshadowed area is needed to install the 200 watt solar panel.

4. Can I use only one 200 watts solar panel with a double battery-based inverter system?

No, you cant only use the 200 watt solar panel with the double battery-based inverter system.

5. What is the price of a 200W/12V solar panel in India?

The price of the 200 watts 12 Volt solar panel in India is Rs. 9,200.

6. What are the applications of 12V solar panels?

The application of the 12 Volt solar panels are an Off-grid solar system, Solar street light, solar garden light, solar home lighting system, etc.

7. Which solar panel is best in 160 watt capacity, monocrystalline or polycrystalline?

Both the monocrystalline and the polycrystalline solar panel is best in their own way. Both of them have some pros and cons at the same time. The monocrystalline solar panels is very efficient while its very expensive while the polycrystalline is not so efficient but less expensive.