Best 150 Watt Solar Panel In India | Benefits, Types, Pricing, And More

The 150 Watt solar panel is one of the most popular solar panels on the market. This type of solar panel is known for its small size and excellent performance, making it perfect for customers looking to purchase a high-quality solar panel at an affordable price. The rise in global temperatures, rising pollution levels, and limited fossil fuels are some of the main reasons why solar is on everyone’s minds these days.

 As 150 watt solar panels are mainly run by solar power and also do suffer that environment with the power which is generated by it. So this is a great option for the people who wants to save money as well as the environment. These solar panels can be utilized for various applications in the house. So as the demands of solar panels are growing higher and higher many uprising solar companies manufacture efficient solar panels without undermining their quality of them. So choosing the right 150 watt solar panels must be very confusing for you as this is only a one-time investment.

Dont worry about it as through this page you will come to know detailed information about the best 150-watt solar panels in India. On this page, you will notice the types, benefits, pricing of 150 watt solar panels. So before proceeding into the main topic let’s clear our concept about 150 watt solar panels.

Defining 150 Watt Solar Panel Kit

Defining 150 Watt Solar Panel
Defining 150 Watt Solar Panel

150 watt solar panel is flouring in the market of India as it has the feature of changing the batteries by the solar inverters. These solar panels can accomplish approximately 8 Amps solar power. 150 watt solar panels an able to employ 12-volt appliances such as solar water pumps, solar lighting, solar inverter, solar charge controller, etc. The 150 solar panel has a hard solar mounting structure which helps it to work efficiently even in the worst temperature. It is designed with temperated glass and good quality crystalline solar cells which makes it more structured. 

How Does The 150 Solar Panels Works?

When the solar energy hits the 150 watt solar panels then it sets the electron free from the solar cells so that they can move freely. O the basis of an articulation situation these electrons are moving in the same direction in order to generate Direct current. When the direct current is generated then it is suddenly converted into the usable alternative current with the help of the solar inverters. If these solar panels create excess energy then they can be stored in solar batteries for the future. 

Benefits Of 150 Watt Solar Panels In India

A 150 watt solar panel is a small, affordable solar panel that can be used to power small electronics and appliances. There are lots of reasons why you should choose 150 watt solar panels for your home. Now let’s see the benefits of 150 watt solar panels kits:

  1. Low Maintenance: Once it is installed then you only have to clean once a year in order to maintain the solar panel so that it can work efficiently.
  2. Less Space: 150 watt solar panel size is small and does not need much space to install.
  3. Silent Operation: The 150 watt solar panels can work silently without making any noise.
  4. Durability: The durability of this solar system is over 25 years. 

Types Of 150 Watt Solar Panel For Home

The types of solar panels influence the production of the solar system. The 150 solar panels can be divided into three types and each of them differs from one another according to style, features, price, efficiency, etc. You must have a brief knowledge about them while purchasing the solar panel.

Polycrystalline 150 Watt Solar Panel

Polycrystalline 150 Watt Solar Panel
Polycrystalline 150 Watt Solar Panel

Polycrystalline 150 Watt solar panels are manufactured by various types of silicon crystal fibers. These are the rectangular-shaped panels that are created by the molted silicon and then poured into the mold. But it is not as efficient as the monocrystalline cells.   

Monocrystalline 150 Watt Solar Panel

Monocrystalline 150 Watt Solar Panel
Monocrystalline 150 Watt Solar Panel

Monocrystalline 150 Watt Solar Panel has a much efficient rate than polycrystalline solar panels. They are also made up of pure silicon and thus they have a bluish color which makes them unique looks. This solar system has a cylindrical shape which helps to attain maximum efficiency. 

Bifacial 150 Watt Solar Panel

Bifacial 150 Watt Solar Panel
Bifacial 150 Watt Solar Panel

The Bifacial 150 Watt Solar Panel is created in such a way that it can absorb solar energy on both sides. These solar panels can manufacture a huge amount of energy which helps in running the solar products which are there in your home. It has a high-efficiency rate and also to brings about 30% of the electricity. 

150 Watt Solar Panel Specifications

Solar System Capacity150 Watt
Solar Panel150 Watt
No. of Module1 Nos.
Type of Solar PanelPolycrystalline
Panel Voltage12V
EfficiencyUp to 17%
Warranty25 Years
Solar Inverter350VA
Inverter TypeOff-Grid Solar Inverter
Maximum DC Input350VA
Warranty5 Years
Solar Battery1 Nos.
TechnologyTall Tubular Solar Battery
Battery TypeC10
Warranty5 Years
Other AccessoriesJunction Box, AC & DC Cable, Fasteners, Cable Tie, Crimping Tool, Earthing Kit, Lighting Arrestor

150 Watt Solar Panel Price In India With Subsidy

The price of 150 watt solar panels lies in between Rs 4,500 Rs.4,500 with Vikram Solar to Rs.7,200 with Tata Solar in India. The pricing of the solar panels is based on the capacity of the panel whereas there are also many factors like the brands, types, variant, etc. also affects the price of the solar panels. 

Solar BrandPrice/WattSelling Price
Vikram Solar 150 watt panelRs.30Rs.4,500
Patanjali Solar 150 watt panelRs.35Rs.5,250
Luminous Solar 150 watt panelRs.38Rs.5,700
Havells Solar 150 watt panelRs.40Rs.6,000
Tata Solar 150 watt panelRs.48Rs.7,200

Subsidy: The people of India want to install the solar panel in their homes but as the initial cost is so expensive they are impuissant to do so. The government of India and also the MNRE both come foreward and provides subsidies for those people who want to install the solar system in their home. The subsidy of 150 watt solar panel is:

1. The government offers a 20% subsidy on the solar system which has the capasity of 3kW to 10kW.

2. There is a 40% total subsidy on the solar system with the capasity upto 3kW.

How many 150W solar panels do you need?

The amount of 150 watt solar panels you will be required to install is directly proportional to how much power do you want to generate from them. The solar panels are capable of generating 7-7.5 AMP of current and 18 – 20 volts approximately. 

System CapacityAverage Monthly GenerationNo. of 150W Panels
1kW Solar System120 units7
2kW Solar System240 units13
3kW Solar System360 units20
5kW Solar System600 units33
7.5kW Solar System900 units50
10kW Solar System1,200 units67

Factors Which You Must Consider Before Purchasing 150 Watt Solar Panels Kit

1. Types Of The 150 Solar Panels: the solar panels are mainly two types- (a) polycrystalline Solar panels,(b) monocrystalline solar panels. The monocrystalline is highly efficient than that of the polycrystalline solar panels. The monocrystalline solar panels have a dark black look with higher durability of 25-30 years. On the other hand, polycrystalline solar panels have less durability than monocrystalline solar panels. 

2. Weight: Another crucial thing of selecting the solar panel is the weight of the solar panel. As the lightweight solar panels can be port easily than the heavy ones. It is best to purchase solar panels with less weight.

3. Prices Of The Solar Panels: The main part of purchasing the solar panel is its price. Though it is much affordable make sure that it has a warranty period of 25 years with the brand service provided. 

4. Place: The geographical location is also an important factor that must consider before purchasing the solar panel. The solar panels must need sufficient solar power to work efficiently.

5. Permission From The Government: Before purchasing the solar panels you should know about the government subsidies, the regulation, and also the building permission. 

Consultation On the Best 150 Watt Solar Panel In India

For those looking to install solar panels, the 150 Watt solar panel is a good choice. This type of solar panel is known for its small size and excellent performance, making it perfect for customers looking to add renewable energy to their homes. In order to start planning your installation, you’ll need some information about the location where you plan on installing your solar panels.

These solar panels also help to save a lot of electricity bills and also do not need much maintenance and have a lifespan of 25years which means it is only a one-time investment for you. If you are worried about the initial price, I have mentioned earlier about the government subsidies this will reduce your initial cost. So you can easily install it on your rooftop.

Finally, I hope this article helps you an about 150 watt solar panels in India. If you have any feedback about this then feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

Important Questions On The Best 150 Watt Solar Panel In India

1. How much does a 150 watt solar panel cost?

The 150 watt solar panel cost varies between Rs.4,500 to Rs.7,000.

2. How many solar panels are needed for a 12v 150Ah battery?

Approximately 2-3 solar panels are needed to charge a 12v 150Ah battery

3. What are the size, height, and weight of a 150w solar panel?

The size, height, and weight of a 150 watt solar panel is 12kg, height 4.9 sq feet, and width 2.2 sq feet.

4. How is the response of the 150 watt panel in cloudy weather?

The 150 solar panel can work in cloudy weather and this is the main benefit of the solar panel.

5. What can a single 150 watts panel run?

A single 150 Watt solar panel can able to run the solar lights, solar torched, etc.

6. Is there any subsidy on 150-watt solar panels?

Yes, of course, there is up to 90% subsidy on the solar panels which depends on the purpose of your installation.