Best 100 Watt Solar Panel In India | Benefits, Types, Price, And More

100 watt solar panel is one of the best solar panels for small houses. They provide enough energy to run basic household appliances and lighting at night, although they are not as powerful as some larger options. The 100 watt solar panel is one of the most popular solar panels on the market. It is designed to fit all budgets and provide the ideal combination of power and flexibility. 

This small 100 watt solar panel is designed to make installation easy with its simple design. The 100 watt solar panel kit is a high-efficiency, inexpensive solar panel. It has received attention from government organizations and the media for its efficiency, and it’s a great choice for customers who want to go green.

These solar panels are arranged solar cells which are mounted on the rooftop and are protected by the glass. These are also known as the Solar Pv modules which help in converting solar power into usable electricity. This energy is the lean and renewal source of energy which helps in decreasing the carbon emission in the environment. 

So if you are planning to install the 100 watt solar panels at your building but are confused about which one to install. Then here in this article, you will be able to know about the definition of 100 watt solar panels, their benefits features, pricing, and more. So first let’s know about What is 100 watt solar panel.

What Is A 100 Watt Solar Panel?

100 Watt Solar Panel
100 Watt Solar Panel

100 watt solar panels can able to generate about 6 amps of current every day. A single 100 watt solar panel can able to produce 1-kilowatt hour of power each day. The solar kit with some 100 watt solar panels can be utilized in the home for powering various home applications. These solar panels can be installed easily with high capasity. this solar panel is affordable with the small capasity module. it is ideal and can work efficiently if the condition is extremely favorable. It should be installed on the rooftop at the perfect angle and it should be in such a direction where the solar energy is maximum.  

100 Watt Solar Panel Benefits

A 100 watt solar panel is a small, thin panel that can be mounted on the roof of your home or office to generate electricity. Solar panels use sunlight to convert energy from the sun into electrical current, which can then be used to power devices in your home or office.

  1. 100 watt solar panels are perfect for small businesses and residential users who want to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy without having to invest in a large system. 
  2. 100 watt solar panels are affordable and easy to install, making them a great choice for homeowners who want to reduce their energy bills. 
  3. 100 watt solar panels produce plenty of electricity, allowing you to power your home.
  4. These panels do not need much maintenance cost and also help in saving the environment by simply reducing carbon emissions

How 100 Watt Solar System Works?

The 100 watt solar panels extract the photons which are generated from the sun then this photon produces electricity when it hits on the surface of the solar panels and this energy then exhibits the electrons from their orbits. then the electrons are free to move.

The solar cells which are situated in the solar panels convince the electric field which gives direction to the electrons. Then these electrons start to float in a particular direction. This process helps in generating electricity. This electricity can be utilized directly as DC or converted to AC using the solar inverter to run the solar products which are situated at your home. 

Types Of 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit With Inverter

Solar panels are semiconductor devices that help in extracting the solar radiation from the sun and then use this energy to generate electricity which further flows through the different devices to run properly. There are mainly three types of solar panels which are present in the Indian market. Now let’s talk about them in detail: 

Polycrystalline 100 Watt Solar Panel

Polycrystalline 100 Watt Solar Panel
Polycrystalline 100 Watt Solar Panel

The polycrystalline is designed with crystalline cells. But the polycrystalline cells are manufactured from the silicon fibers which are melted together. In the process of manufacturing the silicon crystal set at the stack of the molten silicon. When the crystals are pulled out slowly then this crystal is fragmented and set to cool down. When the crystal gets cooled the fragmented silicon is sliced into the polycrystalline solar wafers. Then these wafers are gathered together to produce the polycrystalline panel. The polycrystalline are blueish in structure when the sunlight reflects into the crystals.

Monocrystalline 100 Watt Solar Panel

Monocrystalline 100 Watt Solar Panel
Monocrystalline 100 Watt Solar Panel

This is one of the oldest and the most developed solar panels which is present in India. These solar panels are designed with pure silicon fibers. They have dark in color with round edges which make them unique. The silicon fibers which are used in them are very high efficiency with a rate of above 20%. These solar panels occupy less space and their durability rate is also very high. They work great even in the harsh weather. 

Bifacial 100 Watt Solar Panel

Bifacial 100 Watt Solar Panel
Bifacial 100 Watt Solar Panel

The bifacial modules are manufactured with solar energy from both sides of the solar panel. when the bifacial modules are installed on the high reflective surface. Some of the modules with an efficiency of 30%. These solar modules have many designs. Some of the panels are framed while others are frameless. Some are made up of duel glass while others used clear sheets, on the other hand, others are clear back sheets.

100 Watt Solar Panel Kit With Battery And Inverter Specification

Solar System Capacity100 Watt
Solar Panel100 Watt
No. of Module1 Nos.
Type of Solar PanelPolycrystalline
Panel Voltage12V
EfficiencyUp to 17%
Warranty25 Years
Solar Inverter350VA
Inverter TypeOff-Grid Solar Inverter
Maximum DC Input350VA
Warranty2 Years
Solar Battery1 Nos.
TechnologyTubular Solar Battery
Battery TypeC10
Warranty5 Years
Other AccessoriesJunction Box, AC & DC Cable, Fasteners, Cable Tie, Crimping Tool, Earthing Kit, Lighting Arrestor

100 Watt Solar Panel Price India With Subsidy

The price of 100 watt solar panels has been reduced recently. The price of the 100 watt solar panels varies from Rs.3,000 for Vikram Solar to Rs.4,500 for Tata Solar. But the pricing of these solar panels varies by different situations like the brand value, technologies, efficiency, etc.

Solar BrandPrice/WattSelling Price
Vikram Solar 100 watt panelRs.30Rs.3,000
Patanjali Solar 100 watt panelRs.35Rs.3,500
Luminous Solar 100 watt panelRs.38Rs.3,800
Havells Solar 100 watt panelRs.40Rs.4,000
Tata Solar 100 watt panelRs.45Rs.4,500

Subsidy: The government of India wants to promote solar energy as much as possible so he delivers subsidies to the people who eagerly want to install the solar panels but are unable to do so due to the expensive initial costs. If you install the solar system at your home then you will receive a subsidy of 40% from the Indian Government. This means that government will pay 40% of the total initial cost of the 100 watt solar panel.

How many 100W solar panels do you need?

100 watt solar panels have a very small capacity of solar panels for installing in the building. In the homes, about 2Kw to 10 kW of solar energy is required to run the home appliences. For this, you need to install about 50 to 100 panels together.
Here is the list of the solar panels that you need to install according to the system capasity.

System CapacityAverage Monthly GenerationNo. of 100W Panels
200 Watt Solar System24 units2
300 Watt Solar System36 units3
500 Watt Solar System60 units5
1kW Solar System120 units10
2kW Solar System240 units20
3kW Solar System360 units30

Buyers guide for purchasing the 100 Watt Solar Panel In India

So before planning to install 100 watt solar panels on your rooftop you must consider a few things which will help you to invest in the right solar panel.

Weight: The weight of the solar panels affects the portability of the solar panels. The weight of the solar panels is the most crucial part as there are many houses are builds with resists weights that are up to a certain level.

Dimensions: While purchasing the solar panels you should consider the dimensions of the solar panels as it is directly proportional to the output. So before purchasing the solar panels you must take a measurement of the space where you can install your panels perfectly.

Price: The next important thing while purchasing the solar panel is pricing. As there are many solar companies available in the market that produces solar panels at a cheap rate to grab the attention of the customers. It may happen that these solar panels are not made up of good-quality staff. So before investing in solar panels don’t forget to check the reviews of the customers, and also check whether the brand value of the company is high or not.

Efficiency: Another important factor is the efficiency of solar panels. Select the solar panels which have the highest efficiency power.

Fixed or Flexible Solar Panels: Fixed solar panels are easily available in the market. They can be used for both industrial and residential purposes. These solar panels are mainly used for boats, RVs, and Trailers with flat rooftops.

Types Of Solar Panels: The monocrystalline solar panels offer high efficiency than polycrystalline solar panels. They are very homogenous, dark black look and rounded edges and one can easily recognize them. The life span of monocrystalline solar panels is 25 to 35 years. While on the other hand, the polycrystalline solar panels are very lower cost than the monocrystalline solar panels but in the point of efficiency, the polycrystalline is lower than the monocrystalline solar panels. These solar panels have a low lifespan of 25 to 30 years.

Final Call On Best 100 Watt Solar Panels In India

While solar panels are not the most efficient way to generate electricity, they can be an excellent alternative for people who want to use renewable energy. Solar panels have a different capacity which is used for both residential and commercial buildings. Among them, a 100 watt solar panel is the best ideal for small buildings which need less amount of solar energy. These solar panels have a high-efficiency rate and also help you to save a lot of electricity bills. 100 Watt solar panels produce a clean source of energy which helps in reducing the carbon footprint in the environment.

These solar panels do not need high maintenance costs but the durability is approximately 25 to 30 years which is another reason why you should choose solar panels. Through these solar panels, you can also able to employ other solar devices like solar water pumps, solar AC, solar heaters, solar lights, etc. There are lots of best solar panel manufacturing companies available in the market which can help you to choose which 100 watt solar panel is best for you so that you can invest your capital accordingly.

Finally, we are glad that you have visited our blog. I hope this helps to resolve all your doubts or queries regarding a 100 watt solar panel. If you have any suggestions for this topic do let us know in the comment section below. We are happy to know about that.

FAQ’S On 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit

1. How much does a 100W solar panel cost?

The 100 Watt solar panel cost starts from Rs.3,000 to Rs.5,000.

2. Which is the best type of 100 watt panel – poly or mono?

The polycrystalline solar panel is not so expensive as the monocrystalline solar panel but it is not as efficient as the monocrystalline solar panel.

3. What are the size, height, and weight of a 100w solar panel?

The size height and the weight of 100 watt solar panel is 1006*666*35mm & its weight is 10.5 Kg.

4. How long will a 100W solar panel take to recharge a 12V battery?

The recharge of a 12-volt battery mainly depends on the battery rating and various factors.

5. What are the types of 100 watt solar panels?

There are mainly three types of 100 watt solar panels in India. These are:
1. Polycrystalline 100 watt Solar panel
2. Monocrystalline 100 watt solar panel
3. Bi-facial 100 watt solar panel