Best Solar Lights In India | Price, Types, Features, Benefits, And More.

The sun will be resent for the next 5 billion years. Since the sun is in the form of renewable energy then we can take good advantage of it rather than using another source of energy which are available in this universe. 70% of the Indian electricity is generated by coal power. Which is not only expensive but emits harmful chemicals into the environment. But thanks to modern technology as it designed such devices which can run by renewable energy without impairing the environment.

Nowadays we can capture solar power with the help of solar panels and then this energy is converted into electric energy which can be used for various purposes. There are plenty of places where solar energy is used as the raw material. So with the small steps, you can able to save the environment from global warming.

For example, instead of using a regular lighting system, you can install solar lights at your homes or commercial building which helps you to save your electricity bills as well as save the environment from global warming. If you think that they are not as sophisticated as the regular lights. It is absolutely wrong as there are different types, models, ratings available in the market you can choose accordingly and then install them.

Are you still confused about solar lighting? then let me help you in this situation. In the given below article, you will find everything basic about the solar lights that you need to know such as how the solar lighting system works, what are their benefits, types, advantages, and disadvantages are, etc. But let’s have an idea about what is solar energy.

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What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy operates by the sunlight and heat to generate electricity. The sun generates the energy in its core which is known as nuclear fusion. This fusion creates solar energy which is trapped in the solar panels and then convert into electricity for various usage. These PV cells are designed of a small number of silicon fibers which helps in trapping the solar energy and transferring the energy into electricity.

The solar energy systems don’t produce air pollutants or any greenhouse gases and most of the solar panels have some environmental impact rather than the manufacturing process.

Upcoming Solar Energy Update In India

Solar energy has generated a capacity that rose 335% to 7.6GW during January-September 2021. According to the Mercom India Research n the first nine months of 2021 (9M 2021), India added over 7.4 gigawatts (GW) of solar, a 335% increase YoY (year-on-year) compared to the 1.73 GW installed in the same period in 2020. It is updated that Inia has added 2,835 MW of the solar capacity in the third quarter of the year 2021 which is 14% as compared to the second quarter( 2,488MW, Q2 2021). Year over year installation in Q3 is 547%.

According to IBEF, In October 2021, the capacity of Indian renewal energy will be increase at 149GW which is approximately 38.27% of the overall installed power capacity ad thus providing an amazing opportunity for spreading renewable energy. In October 2021, India’s renewable energy capacity increased by 1,522.35 MW.

India has set a target in order to increase the share of renewable energy. The Government of India plans to install 175 GW of renewable energy in the year 2022 and 450 GW in the year 2030. The total energy installed in India with the capacity of 379GW at the end of the year 2020, or 93GW(25%).

It is expected that by 2040, around 49% of the total electricity will be generated by renewable energy as more efficient batteries will be used to store electricity, which will further cut the solar energy cost by 66% as compared to the current cost. The use of renewables in place of coal will save India Rs. 54,000 crores (US$ 8.43 billion) annually. Renewable energy will account for 55% of the total installed power capacity by 2030.

Under Union Budget 2021-22, the government has provided an additional capital infusion of Rs. 1,000 crore (US$ 137.04 million) to Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and Rs. 1,500 crore (US$ 205.57 million) to Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency.

In March 2021, Haryana announced a scheme with a 40% subsidy for a 3 KW plant in homes, in accordance with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s guidelines, to encourage solar energy in the state. For solar systems of 4-10 KW, a 20% subsidy would be available for installation from specified companies.

According To the Ministry Of New And Renewable agency, The government of India has launched many schemes which help in motivating the people to install solar energy such as Solar Park Scheme, VGF Schemes, CPSU Scheme, Defence Scheme, Canal bank & Canal top Scheme, Bundling Scheme, Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Scheme, etc. India is now in the 5th global position in the solar energy market.

Define Solar Lights?

Solar Lights Definition
Solar Lights Definition

Solar lights are the modern-day technology that works exactly like the other electric lights but the main difference is that it draws the energy from the sun to work properly. The solar lights are made of different components but they get the power from the batteries which are charged by using the solar power and have trapped the energy inside. These lights are utilized by the PV effect in order to function properly.

In the center of the light, solar cells are available which helps in conducting the solar energy into the electricity. The solar cells are those dark panels that you can find at the top of the solar lights. These solar cells are manufactured by the different silicon layers and chemicals which construct a layer consisting of positive and negative charges electrons. When the solar radiation break into the solar cells then it powers up the electrons and then pushes them to the spaces with some positive charge.

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Features Of Solar Lights Outdoor

Nowadays the solar lights are controlled by Solar panels, in build batteries, LED lights, and also smart sensors which help to run the light properly. The Solar Lights are very cost-effective and also eco-friendly in nature. They become popular day by day due to their efficiency and also widely have a wide range of energy conservation which is long-lasting and also good looking with low-cost maintenance fees. These can be used in both commercials as well as in domestic ways.

  • The solar lights are designed in such a way that they have inbuild solar panels, Sokar batteries, battery management systems, night and motion sensors with the automatic controls. These lights are both leakproof and water reasistance which make them more glorious with longer shelf life.
  • The solar panels which are attached to the slar lights are very efficient as they heps in the conversion of the solar enrgy to the elctricity which is stored in the battery and used in the night.
  • They have inbuild batteries which is used for storing the elecricity which is generated by the solar panels. thses batters permist the light to trap maximum amount of solar power and hence it give a backup for the long time.
  • These lights have mordernized in build technology and controller which help in tracking the the conditon of the solar panels and battery levels. In many lights there is Dusk to Dawn sensor present which detects the activity of the people and then automatically makes the light goes on and off.
  • They can be used in various purposes such as lighting up streets, courtyards, gardens, parks, compounds, boundary walls, car parks etc. It is environment friendly and also very cost effective to use.
  • The solar Accessories are very important organ of the solar lights as without them you cannot install the solar lights. These accessories are Solar mounting structures,light arm,poles, solar cables, nuts and bolts, etc.

How Solar Lights Works?

Solar lights rely on the solar PV panes which absorb the solar power and generate an electrical charge which is moved in the solar panels. The wires of the solar cells which are connected to the batteries transfer and save the power as the chemical energy until it is needed.

Solar batteries use in the LED lights when it is needed in the future. The diode is the semiconductor that permits the electron to go through the in between the two points by creating electromagnetic energy in the form of light at the night.

LED technology produces light with an efficiency of more than 90% which is much more than the incandescent and fluorescent lighting which makes it perfect for solar lights. These lights are dim than the electrical light but they have more life span than the usual lights.

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Benefits Of The Solar Lights For Home

Solar lights are a great alternative and also it is cost-effective. there are also zero costs to trench in the grid power, deop meter and no electricity bills. There are lots of benefits of the solar lights now let’s focus on them, shall we?

Low-Cost Installation: While using the solar lights this means that the total cost of your electricity bills will decrease drastically. At first, you may think that it is not worth investing in it but it will give you a great return on investment at the end of the day.

No wires: These solar lights do not use any kind of wires. They are designed from a set of lights that are connected to solar panels. So you dont have to worry about the wiring of these lights.

Zero Maintenance: These systems do not need much maintenance as the LED present in the solar lights has a longer shelf life. The average life span of the other components of solar lights is 15-30 years.

Solar Lights Need Various Set Up: You can use the solar lights for different landscaping in your garden. Turn the lights on at night it will make your garden look beautiful. They can also be used for various purposes like Solar lights for shops, street lighting, at the fences of the garden, etc.

Eco-friendly: These lights are eco-friendly and switching to solar lights is the best option to reduce the carbon footprint. The more you will use solar products the less carbon emission will appear in the environment.

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Types Of Solar Lights For Yards

Solar power has various purposes. One of the most essential applications is solar lighting systems. There are many ways to decorate your homes, garden, or commercial buildings. You can use the solar lights in the garden, backyard, doorways, patios, decks, pathways, pools, and other areas of your home. The main source of the energy is solar energy so do not worry about the electricity bills or any complicated wiring as they are directly connected to the solar panels. There are various types f solar lights available in the markets. now let’s discuss the various types of solar lights.

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights
Solar Street Lights

Solar Street lights are basically uplift the light source which is empowered by the solar panels which are generally mounted on the lighting structure in the pole. The main job of the solar panels is to transfer the solar energy into electricity by the photovoltaic effect.
There are various ranges of solar streets which are 9 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts, 18 watts, and 24-watt street lights. These lights are both eco-friendly and also economic methods of illumination.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights
Solar Garden Lights

The solar garden lights are an extraordinary way to style your garden and make them look attractive. These are very easy to install in the garden. Today there are many people who use these solar lights to decorate the garden. These garden lights will produce low-cost light by increasing the charm of the garden. These lights are charged during the day and power up at night. The solar panels are attached to the lights which help in generating electricity during the day and power up the lights with the same energy at night.

Solar Home Lights

Solar Home Light
Solar Home Light

Solar home lights are the great evolution of modern science in order to utilize solar energy at home. The solar panels are mostly installed on the roof of many buildings. During the day the solar panels trap the solar energy and then it is stored in the solar battery. This energy is used when there is no electricity or the solar panels are not working efficiently due to cloudy weather. These solar lights do not have any complicated set up so you can easily install them at your home. They are different solar lights available in the ma=rket which are 18 watts, 20 watts, 30 watts, 75-watts capacities.

Solar Lamps And Lanterns

Solar Lamps And Lanterns
Solar Lamps And Lanterns

The solar lamps are designed of the LED LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and there may also be an inverter. The lamps can be operated on the electricity from the batteries and also can be charged by the solar panels during the day. These are very charming and can be lifted easily. Even it is very lighthearted but in terms of the battery backup, it is very efficient. These are often used in rural areas.

Solar Emergency Light

Solar Emergency Light
Solar Emergency Light

The solar emergency lights are manufactured with a low-powered composition. This helps the solar lights to furnish at least 5-7 hours of power backup in time of emergency. they are very user-friendly and also easily be controlled. You can use them in the time of power cuts. This can be used in bad situal=tions like natural calamities or disasters where there is no option for the power connector.

Solar Spot Light:

Solar Spot Light
Solar Spot Light

The solar power lights can be installed very easily as it does not need wiring, needs low maintenance, and are also very eco-friendly. They can be placed in many ways like in your backyard, patio, garden, deck, porch, or pathways. These lights have a sensor that helps them to turn on when it is dark outside and off during the morning. the solar spotlights are composed of solar panels, batteries, and LED lights. There is a button present in the back of the light which helps in controlling the brightness of the light. The spotlight can be adjusted automatically on the object that needs to be illuminated.

Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Light
Solar Flood Light

The solar floodlights are consist of a solar panel and battery. The solar panels charge the battery during the day and discharge the charge at night. They are ideal for enlight the areas like stages for concerts, stadiums, sports fields, parking lots and so much more. They can also light up the smaller areas like driveways, swimming pools, gardens, or backyards. They also contain lamps with high density for illuminating the area to give a perfect frame to it.

Solar Powered-Motion Lights

Solar Powered-Motion Lights
Solar Powered-Motion Lights

The solar motions lights are very easy to illuminate an area without the need for any power nearby. It is powered by sunlight and it has inbuild motion sensors that permit it to illuminate during the night. It consists of small panels which capture the solar energy and convert it into kinetic energy which is later used by the solar lights to run them. These can be used to decorate your which to give an extraordinary look to your surrounding.

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Advantages Of Solar Lights

Solar lights are one of the solar products which are run by solar energy. Solar lights are mainly made up of various components like LED light sources, solar panels, storage batteries, solar charge controllers, lamp-posts, and accessory wire rods. They do not need any kind of mutual intervention which is changed during the day and shift during the night. As it is self-regulating so it does not need any kind of grid power. There are also many advantages and disadvantages of solar lights which is discussed below:

Pollution Reducing And Clean Energy: There are many people who are aware of global warming and so they are planning to use solar energy devices instead of regular devices. The solar lights use zero amount of fuel and totally rely on solar energy. Solar energy is the ultimate green lighting solution. The more utilization solar energy helps to reduce the carbon footprints.

Cost-Effective: The solar lights can operate easily and also do not need a huge maintenance cost.As they are run by solar energy so you do not have to worry about the electricity bills. in the compare, to regular lights, these lights offer long-term benefits. As there is no involvement is need after the installation then you can able to save a lot of money in the long run.

No Interdependency Weaknesses: The traditional lights need a huge level of interdependency. Interdependency of the cables means a huge level of problems in one area which can affect the whole power supply. This is not in the case of the solar lights as it only relies on solar power and if it does not work then it needs to check and fix that single unit only.

Available In A Wide Variety: These solar lights are very effective and also available in a wide range of varieties. There are various types of solar lights available in the market they are of different features, sizes, types, styles, capacities, etc, and also they are more sophisticated than regular lights.

Intelligent Control, Easy Installation, And Maintenance: The solar lights have an amazing feature which is the dusk-to-dawn feature which is basically managed by the AI intelligence. The installation process of the solar lights is very easy and time-saving also. As compared to regular lights, solar lights need a minimal amount of maintenance. Only cleaning and doing a few inspections can increase longevity.

Disadvantages Of Solar Lights:

Expensive Than The Regular Lighting Systems: Solar lights are more expensive than conventional lights. But the true fact is that their actual cost is much lower than the price of the electricity. So there are many people who are worried about the initial cost so it is nothing to be worried about as it is very beneficial in the long run.

Weather Dependent: In harsh weather, The solar panels are not able to work properly. Solar panels need solar energy to work properly. if the weather is cloudy then the solar panels are not able to produce sufficient energy to run the solar lights. So the solar lights need to be checked once.

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How To Choose The Perfect Solar Lights For Garden

There is a wide range of solar lights available in the Indian Market. They are very efficient and eco-friendly and can be installed either indoors or outdoor. You can choose accordingly and install them either in your garden or at home. So to choose the right solar light here are a few steps through which you can select the ideal solar light.

  • Fist you have to take the descision that which solar light is benificial for you either decorative accent, path or task solar lights.
  • Check whether the battey need full solar energy to charge or not. As some lights needs partial sunlight to get charged and works like wonders in the low light. These lights can be charged in the cloudy day also.
  • Also consider the work time.
  • Look the type of the bulb the solar light uses. The LED lights are more benificial and also provides the brightest light. Whereas, the accent solar lights uses the amber LED lights in order to create the soft glow.
  • Compaire the extra things like the timers, on-off switch,color lenses, prce, the brightness of the solar lights etc.
  • Match the lighting with your landscape theme. The decorative lights can generate an amazing theme for the lawn where as he country style solar lanterns add a special effects to your garden.

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Solar Light Cost Price In India

The price of the solar lights depends upon the types, models, rating, and also solar brands. Here is the list of the price of the solar lights available in the Indian Market.

Solar Light Model Pricing( per set or piece)
10-20 W Solar LED Home Light, Battery: 127 AhRs.  3,600/ Set
Battery Solar Home Lighting System For ResidentialRs. 6,000/ Piece
Halogen Solar LED Home LightRs. 1,500/ Piece
Solar Home Lighting SystemRs. 1,700/ Piece
Model 1 Solar LED Home Lighting System, For Indoor
Rs. 2,650/ Piece
Solar Home Lighting SystemRs. 4,300/ Piece
Solar Led Home Light SystemRs. 40,000/ Set
LED Four Bulb Solar Home Light SystemRs. 12,800/ Set
10W Solar Home Light for scheduled AreasRs. 2,000/ Set
Solar CFL Homelight, 12 WRs. 290/ Piece
Solar DC Home LightRs. 2,750/ Unit
Solar Home Lighting System- 30watt, For Led BulbRs. 850/ Piece
12 W Solar Motion LED Smart Outdoor LightRs. 1,350/ Piece
Solar Home Lighting System, 20 WattRs. 2,700/ Set
LED Home 60 Solar LightRs. 5,500/ Piece
Solar Home LightsRs. 1,400/ Unit
12 volt solar home light, 10 Watt Rs. 3,250/ Unit
Solar Lighting System Rs. 3,999/ Piece
Solar Home Lighting, 12 W Rs. 3,800/ Unit
Solar Home LED Lights Rs. 7,000/ Set
20W Infiniti Solar Home Lighting System Rs. 9,486/ Piece
10 W Solar Home LED Lighting System Rs. 6,000/ Piece
Powerpack 15W Solar Home Light Rs. 9,200/ Piece
500watt LED Solar Home Light, 300wp Rs. 35,999/ Pack
5-100 Watt Mini Solar Light Kit for LightingRs. 13,000/ Set
Battery Off Grid Solar Home Lighting System, For Residential Rs. 3,750/ Piece
LED Solar Home Lighting System – 300Wp Rs. 27,500/ Piece
1kW LED Solar Home Light, For Residential Rs. 85,000/ Unit
Solar Home Lighting System, 30 Rs. 4,500/ Piece
LED Solar Lighting System Rs. 50/ Watt

Fators For Choosing The Solar Lights For Home In India

If you are in a search of a great outdoor makeover that makes your home or the commercial building look great then you can use these solar lights as it helps in improving the atmosphere for the outdoor. Before planning to install the solar lights then you must consider some important points before installing the solar lighting.

Budget And Costing:

With the help of the proper budgeting, you can able to buy the perfect solar lighting with the components along with it. If you plan strategically then you will avoid buying the wrong items which help you to choose the right one. Having a great budget it is simple for you to save a lot of money and also you can keep an eye on the things you are buying and also give control over your expenditure.

Color And Style:

They are commonly used to design solar lights so the LED bulbs release a bright, white light that enlightens the dark side of the room. If you are looking for a sophisticated look then there is a huge variety of solar bulbs available in the market. You can choose a warm color that makes your outdoor look sophisticated and also add a great ambiance. You can also choose bright, funny, and cherry lanterns which help to set a funny ambiance. There are also many solar lights that come with tinted covers. Availability of different colors of lights in the home makes an easy to change the lighting as per the occasion


The solar lights are a magnificent way to create an aesthetic effect on the garden at your home. They are also convenient in times of reliability. As it is very effective in illuminating the dark spot of your house which can be fixed on the front of the backside of your room. They also have motion sensors that help in sensing anybody who is nearby and illuminate the place.

Lighting Durability:

If you check the durability of the solar light then it will help you to enjoy the service of the solar lights. The LED lights are a great option to choose from as they are more durable. This also helps in saving a lot of money. These are very popular nowadays as they the very effective to produce quality lighting with saving the environment. These lights also need minimum maintenance and they are completely safe to use.

The Light Placements:

First, you have to decide where to place the lights either in your room or in the garden or any other place. The best way to place them in such a way that the people can able to see where they are going. This is very essential in order to avoid any kind of accident. So the best way to put them at driveway, porch, backyard, garden, and other locations.

The Wattage Of The Light:

Choose the right lighting wattage that you need to install. A lower wattage bulb is the best hoise to decorate the outdoors. Whereas the higher wattage bulb is more efficient for the dark areas of the room.

Disadvantages Of The Solar Lights:

Though solar lights have many advantages there are some drawbacks that you must know before installing them. First, It is very expensive than the regular lighting system. Second, they provide less brightness than the standard lights. It is dependent on solar energy and the batteries can store the energy only on sunny days.

Application Areas for solar lighting systems

Once you are planning to install the solar light system in different areas of your mone or the commercial building then there are lots of types of solar lights available in the market. The benefits of these lights are that they can make the building look amazing and beautiful. These lights can be installed in different areas like:

  1. Out door Solar Lightning.
  2. Indoor solar lightining.

Outdoor solar lights for houses become trendy in the market. The solar LED utilizes solar energy which is conveniently found in open space. Henceforth solar lamps, solar bulbs, and solar poles can run up to 10- 12 hours after fully charged.

Solar LED Lights For Gardens:

Nowadays, solar LED lights for gardens have become very trendy. It is a productive way to decorate the garden beautifully while saving a lot of electricity bills.

Solar String Lights:

You can easily wind up this outdoor solar light for the gardens to make your garden look beautiful and amazing without damaging the world.

Solar Fence Lights:

These are the magnificent light which is used in the garden and they create a gorgeous look near the fenced area.

Solar Walkways Lights:

These Solar light bulbs create a pathway that makes a perfect ambiance in the outdoor walkways which makes the walkway safe and glowing.

Solar Lawn Lights:

These outdoor solar lighting products are mainly LED lights of different sizes. You can put ball lights, mushroom lights, flower lights, or even star-shaped lawn lights for home and commercial properties.

Indoor Solar Lightning:

The Solar LED lights for the home are basically connected to the solar panels and an integrated battery. The solar panels are installed next to the windows in order to charge the solar battery. When the battery is getting charged then it can be illuminated the space for the long run. Now let’s look at the various types of indoor solar lights which are used at home and the commercial building.

Solar Lighting Lamps:

The solar lighting lamps provide bright light while saving a ton of money. Most of the solar lights help in enlightening the dark rooms and also it is eco-friendly in nature.

Solar Shed Light:

The solar shed lights are the mentioned sensing lights that turn on automatically when someone enters the room and when the person leaves it turns off again. The solar LED lights can run effectively after 10 hours of charge.

Solar Tube lights:

The solar tube is made up of small tubular lights which are run by solar energy. These lights need a dome to be fixed on the top of the roof that captures the sunlight.

Solar Lighting Lanterns:

These evolutionary lights need solar energy to run effectively. These are designed so beautifully that it gives a dazzling look to your room. The solar batteries have recharged the lanterns so that they can be used at night and on the days of the week sunlight as well.

Final Call On Solar LED Lights Set

Lastly to conclude the whole topic I would like to say that in the year 2020 the total population of India is 138 crores and most of them consume electricity which is generated from fossil fuel if this scenario goes on then this source of energy will soon come to an end. So in order to prevent that start using the devices which are run by renewable energy as they are very affordable and also eco-friendly in nature.

A small step of change can affect the whole environment. If we are using alternative sources of energy we can also able to reduce our carbon footprint. Instead of using the regular lights, we can use solar lights. These are very effective and also have a long shelf life than the regular lights. If you want to install these solar lights then you can also get a subsidy. Though there is no subsidy on the solar lights but the other components attached to it like solar panels have subsidies on them. As the government also wants to install as many solar panels within 2030.

Thank you for giving time to my article I hope that it will provide you with the correct information that you are searching for. Are you planning to install solar lights or whether you have installed one? Do let me know in the comment section below?

1. What Is Solar Light?

The solar lights are the devices which enlight which work with the help of the solar energy which is captured by the solar panels and then it converts the energy into the electricity which helps in working the solar lights perfectly.

2. What Are The Different Types Of Solar Lights?

There are eight different types of solar lights available in the market. These are:
1. Solar Street Lights
2. Solar Garden Lights
3. Solar Home Lights
4. Solar Lamps And Lanterns
5. Solar Emergency Light
6. Solar Spot Light:
7. Solar Flood Lights
8. Solar Powered-Motion Lights

3. Why I should use solar lights?

Solar lights are cost-effective and also eco-friendly in nature which provides clean energy to your homes and other places. It also helps in saving the electricity bills.

4. What should be the optimum distance between the two street light poles?

The optimum distance between the two poles is lies between 12 to 15 meters.

5. Will solar light work on cloudy days?

The solar lights can work on cloudy days as it has solar batteries which provide you 18-24 hours long backup.

6. What is the price of solar home lights?

On the basis of the model and size, the price of the solar lights depends.

7. Do I need to switch on or switch off it every day in case if I install a solar street light?

No, you don’t need to switch on or off it every day as it has a sensor called “dusk to dawn which makes them switch on or off automatically.

8. What is the average battery backup in solar lights?

The solar battery provides a service of 18-24 hours long.

9. What is the size of the battery solar home light?

The size of the solar battery of the solar home light relies on the model size and its capacity of it.

10. Is it possible to relocate solar lights after they once get installed?

Yes, Of course, you can easily relocate your solar lights according to your preference even after their installation.

11. What are the available models of solar street lights?

The availability models of the solar street lights are:
9-watt solar street light
12-watt solar street light
15-watt solar street light
18-watt solar street light
24-watt solar street light

12. Do solar lights give off heat?

The fixture which is available in the solar lights does not produce much heat at all. The heat is produced within the diod itself and the fixture is designed in such a way that it disappears that heat directly away from the lighting subject.

13. Does solar home lights and solar street lights are different?

Yes, the solar home lights are different from the solar street light. As the street is used in the street and also it is huge and consumes high power, on the other hand, the home lights are small and consume less power.