Best Solar Mounting System Manufacturers in India

Best Solar Mounting System Manufacturers In India

India is the fastest-growing economy in the whole world. So, it emits a large amount of carbon while producing different types of products. As a result, the environment gets polluted day by day. Renewable energies like solar energy grab the attention of humankind. The government also takes initiatives to reduce pollution. By the year 2022, the government aims to achieve 114 GW of solar capacity in India. 

The best news about solar mounting systems is that there are many manufacturers and wholesalers in India. This means you won’t have to go anywhere else for your needs, as they can be found right here at home! So, if you’re a solar installation business based in India, then you must check the best solar mounting system manufacturers in India.

The main backbone of the solar power plant is solar mounting. The solar power plant will not be able to survive without solar mounting systems. This mounting helps in adjusting the solar panels at a certain angle so that they can receive the solar radiation properly. It is also used to secure solar panels on the roofs, building facades, or the ground. If you plan to install a solar panel then, keep in mind that the height of the panels should be above 15 feet height from the height of your building. Otherwise, you have to take permission from the government. 

So you’re looking for a solar mounting system? Well, we have the perfect list of top solar structure manufacturers and wholesalers in India that will be able to help with your search!

Benefits Of The Solar Panels:

Benefits of solar panels
Benefits Of Solar Panels

Solar panels are made up of several small units called Photovoltaic cells. These cells then lie in between the silicon layer and act as a conductor. When this light particle hits these cells, then electricity is generated thus, the photoelectric effect happens. The inverter then transfers this energy into kinetic energy which helps in running various alliances of the home.

There are lots of benefits of the solar panels some of them are:- 

1. It helps in saving the electricity

2. Solar energy can be used anywhere.

3. It not only helps in generating electricity but also helps in generating heat and distilling water 

4. It does not need high maintenance costs.

Cost Overview Of The Solar Panels:

According to the Central Electricity Authority, Ministry of New and renewable energy, and Mercom’s India Solar project tracker stated that at the end of the second quarter of 2021, India installed renewal energy with a capacity of 143.9 GW with a revenue share of 37.4%

  • The revenue percentage of solar panels installation increased by 11.2% as compared to the total capacity of 10.69% in QI 2021
  • Based on the size of the solar power plant, the module mounting developed a revenue of 9-10% of the total cost of the power plant.
  • In the smaller plants, the average cost of solar panel mounting structure price in India is up to 9% of the total project cost.
  • However, the average cost of the solar panel mounting lies in between Rs. 3.60/WP to Rs 6/WP for 1MW of the solar panels of Rs. 40 million.
  • The average cost for Rooftop solar panels is around Rs. 36.6 million/MW.
  • The price of solar panels rises to 18% at the beginning of the year in 2021. However, over the past decade, there has been a sudden fall of the prices up to 90%.  

Types Of Solar Panel Mountaineering Structures Design: 

solar structure designs
Solar Structure Design

It is very important to choose a suitable and resistant Solar mounting system for the solar projects so that it gives a proper value, efficiency, and production of the solar panels. Solar modules have to be installed right, mounted, and rigid. The reason behind it is to protect the solar modules against any calamities like hail, storms, rain, etc. There are five different types of solar panel mountaineering structures, which are as follows:  

  1. Ground Mounted Racks: When ground-mounted racks are safely arranged to a rack structure. They connect to the ground with the help of steel beans or any other kind of material.
  2. Tracking System Mounted Racks: The tracking system mounted racks help in tracking all kinds of solar tracking systems including the solar pumping system. It also helps in generating electricity by emitting the maximum amount of solar radiation.
  1. Side-of-pole Mounted Racks: The solar structure design of the side of pole Mounted Racks is manufactured in a particular pattern that can be installed easily. They are used for the solar structure, which is made of a minute amount of modules. They also provide a fixed mounting structure to photovoltaic(PV) modules on the pole.
  2. Roof Mounted Racks: Roof-mounted racks are designed such in which the wire lies in between the solar array and the battery bank or inverter. While installing the racks it is essential for roof penetration thus, it causes damages to the roof. So it is crucial to have a sealed roof.
  3. Top-of-pole Mounted Racks: The top of the pole mount is designed in this manner, so that it can be installed safely and quickly. It also helps in supporting the mounting structure in a single-pole. On the top of the poles, the solar module is mounted securely.

So, these are some solar panel mounting structure designs that are there in India.

What Are The Types Of Materials Used In Solar Panels Mounting Structure?

In India, the solar panel mounting is mainly manufactured by aluminum, stainless steel, galvalume. Stainless steel and aluminum are used in India for eternity. But nowadays the usage of the galvalume is also in trend. Based on the life cycle of the plant, the materials are used for designing the mounting structures. Earlier the mounting structure was made up of wood or polymers but, now it is replaced with more durable and long-lasting materials.

  1. Aluminum

The aluminum path gives elasticity to the product and also provides maximum stiffness and strength. The path is very lightweight with low density and easily carried from one place to another. However, aluminum is very persistent with low maintenance, and also it is recyclable.

Key features of the aluminum solar mounting structures:- 

  • The aluminum solar mounting structures are strong, adjustable, good conductors of electricity, and can reflect high heat and light.
  • It can easily be assembled and recycled.
  • It can be personalized on the site and easily installed.

2. Stainless Steels

 The longevity and stability of the stainless steel are magnificent. That is why it is suitable for designing solar mounting structures. It also helps in maintaining the solar panels from the harsh weather. As a result, most people in India are likely to implement stainless steel for mounting solar panels. Hot-dip Galvanisation is used to prevent the material from damage and also improve the lifespan of the mounting. To coat the mounting structure it is sufficient to put 70 microns of thickness. But as per HDG, it is largely a semi-automated process and thus, it has its limitation in quality. while the pre-galvanized steel is designed for the utilization of solar mounting structures. 

  • The quality of the product is very durable with an excellent finish.
  • It is very cost-effective 
  • It can be installed easily

3. Galvalume:

 Galvalume has also gained some popularity in India. it is made up of 55% aluminium,43.56% zinc and 1.5% silicon.

Key features:

  • It has high-strength materials.
  • It is low in cost.

How to install solar panels?

If you want to install the solar panels all by yourself, then you can easily install them by following these simple steps:

1. First, you have to install the mount.

2. Then you have to install the solar panels.

3. Then you have to do the electrical wiring.

4. Then connect the system to the solar ware.

5. After that, you have to connect the solar inverter and Solar Battery.

6. Later, you should connect the solar inverter to the grid

7. Finally, you can start a solar inverter.

Tips for maintaining solar panels.

Some Tips For Maintaining The Solar Panels :

1. You should not keep your solar panels in the shade because in this manner they are unable to absorb sunlight and thus fail in producing energy.

2. Check whether your inverters are flashing green. If not, then you should replace your inverter with a new one.

3. Have a record of the production of the solar panels daily to improve the maintenance

4. If you install automated cleaners in your panels then, you do not have to worry about the cleaning process of the solar panels.

List Of Best Solar Mounting System Manufacturers in India

Solar mounting systems, a crucial part of solar installations in India. Finding reliable manufacturers or wholesalers can be difficult but not if you look locally!

Here is the complete list of the best solar mounting system manufacturers in India:

1. Loom Solar

Loom solar

 In the year 2018, loom solar was established in Faridabad. It is an authorized startup company and it is also an ISO-9001, 2015 certified organization. The company spread its network over 500 districts including 3500 retailers,100 employees,2 offices, and 1 manufacturing unit. Loom Solar is one of the top solar companies in India to promote sustainable living for the citizens of developing countries.

It also provides free shipping delivery across India via Bluedart or Delivery counter within 3-7 days. The company also won several awards like the 11th Annual 2019 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards at the United State of Nation.

Loom Solar Pricing:

  • Loom solar panels 50 Watt – 120 Volt mono perc- Rs. 3,000. 

2.Achintya Projects and Services

Achintya Projects & services

 In 2010, the company Achintya Projects and services were established in Mumbai. It is one of the top leading manufacturers, exports and imports, service providers in India. They also manufacture PV-based solar panels, rechargeable battery packs, etc. The company always tries to make its products more sustainable and also, the materials should be raw. The company also verifies its products before sending them to the customers. In this way, they can gain the customers’ support.

Achintya Projects and Services Pricing

Achintya Projects and services Solar Panels Mounting Structures, Shape: c – Rs. 12,500/M

3. Elcon Group


 Elcon Group was established in the year 1987 in Pune, Maharashtra. The company has three branches in India. The first company was established in 2012 known as Elcon Cable Trays and they mainly produce cable trays, earthing materials, and other products. In 2017, the second company was established named Elcon Delta Control LLP and Elcon SolTec LLP. This company mostly produces solar panel mounting structures, solar panels, and heat insulators. The Elcon group manufactured a huge range of products including hardware for electronic appliances.

Elcon Group Pricing: 

  • Solar power plant; capacity 1KW – Rs. 75,000/ KiloWatt.

4. Stolar


 In the year 2015, Stolar was established in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The company is known for its highly innovative and high-quality solar panel mounting structures design. 

The company supplies good-quality roof and ground mounting for households, agriculture, industrial building, etc. Stolar also helps their customers with technical support for installation and design assistance. Through this, they help to solve the problems of the customers regarding the installation of solar panels.

5. Epack Polymers

Epack Polymars

Epack polymers were established in the year 1999 in Greater Noida. The company produces a wide range of products such as cleanroom panels, cold rooms, and prefabricated structures. As the company has a variety of products. So they are mainly focused on innovating modern and revolutionary products to grab the attention of the customers. Also, the company has its personal quality auditing team that mainly looks after the quality, reliability, and efficiency of the products before being handed over to the customers.

6. Tata International 

Tata International

Tata international company limited was established in the year 1964 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has over 60,000 employees working under it. It has a huge supply chain over steel and has a wide knowledge about the market. The company spread its branch over 50 countries including India.

Tata International Pricing:

  • TATA 100 W monocrystalline solar panel – Rs. 9000/ price

7. Jackson 


The Jackson group was established in 1947 in Noida. The company produces a variety of products. The company is very efficient in the field of distributed energy, solar solutions, and electrical EPC solutions. The company has won several awards such as Best New Products(2021), Technology Innovation Excellence (2021), etc. The company has over 25,000 employees working under it. The company also offers many products and solutions in the market of Diesel Generators, Gas generators, Solar rooftop systems, Battery energy storage systems, etc. The company gained the trust of over 5000 customers who depend upon the company.

Jackson Pricing:

  •  Jackson Highly efficient Solar Panels jp352 w/ 30v – Rs. 9,139.00

8. SNS Corporation 

SNS Solar

In 2007 the company SNS corporation was established in New Delhi. The company is enthusiastically involved in various technology inventions, designs, and advancements. In 2010 the company expanded its market in the solar sector and invested in the manufacture, style, and installation of the module mounting structure. In the present day, the company acquires a market share of 15% in India.

9. Bilmat Engineering

Bilmat Engineering

In the year 2006, Bilmart Engineering Company was established in Vadodara, Gujarat. The firm was authorized by Small Medium Enterprises and also the Vendor of Gujarat Energy Transmission Company, NHPC, and Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd. 

The company produces a wide range of products such as solar panels structures, earthing products, tower structures, etc. The company also provided its service in fabrication works. The company demands that its products be of substantial quality at a low price. As a result, their products are sanctioned in countries like Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

10. Nuevosol


Nuevosol was founded in 2011 in Telangana. The company made an innovative mounting structure to support the solar panels. The company produces more than 100MW energy per month and also, achieved 180 projects. Within 4yeras the company spread its branches over 22 states in India.

11.Ganges International 

Ganges Internationale

Ganges International Private Limited was organized in the year 1991 in New Delhi. The company has designed Solar Module Mounting Solution, Telecom towers, and Transmission line Towers. 

It is an ISO-certified company. The company has a wide collection of expertise in fabrication in steel. The company also sets its footstep in the market of heavy engineering structures, prefabricated structures, handrails, galvanized flats, cable trays, etc. the company has over 400 employees giving service to it. It spread its company in Pondicherry on the South Eastern Coast of India. The company provided over 60,000 towers to more than 25 countries in India.

12.Pennar Industries 

Pennar industries

In the year 1988, Penner Industry was established at Isnapur, Hyderabad. It is one of the popular engineering organizations in India. It provides its facility towards engineering products and services. 

It is an ISO 9001 certified company. It produces 250MW per annum energy in making Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline & Bifacial Photovoltaic Solar Modules ranging from 315 Wp_ To 400 Wp. This energy is tested and certified by TUV Rheinland.

List of recommended companies of Solar Mounting System Manufacturers in India

  • JSW Steel
  • Metalkraft
  • Advance Steel Tubes
  • Anu Structural and Galvanizing Industries
  • Ercon Composites
  • Eros Metal Works
  • Aeron
  • Akshar Enterprise
  • Ashish International


The solar mounting system is the key to the solar installing industry. The reason behind this is the solar mounting structure is made to fix the solar panels on the surface, so without these mounting structures, there is no use for solar panels.

That is why if you really want your solar installation business to succeed, then the first thing that needs doing is to have a comprehensive stock of different kinds and models so as not to be left short-staffed when customers come calling. Additionally, you should make sure these mounting systems are top quality. It may sound intimidating at first glance but don’t worry – there’s plenty out there who can help with this!

So this is the list of popular Solar Mounting System Manufacturers in India. Go through them and if you want to do a brief research about the company you can visit their sites. So research thoroughly before choosing a reliable manufacturer or wholesaler. If you know any other companies then you can mention them in the comment section below.

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